Marat Fakhreev

Hi, I am a crazy web developer located in Kazan, Russia.

I like CSS, Javascript and absolutely everything related to these technologies in the world of web and mobile development. I like writing both useful and not too much code in my free time. I'm a big fan of open source projects. Take a moment to explore crazy and demanded things from the programming world and the real world as well.
Enjoy this site and read my blog on medium. Kavabanga :)

Open Source

Projects to which I've contributed: React hot loader, Handlebars webpack plugin. Marionette.js, Underscore inflection, Pugify,

My main OS projects where I was or still the core contributor: React-base, Web starter kit, Backbone-base, Backbone ES6 promise, Marionette animated region, Marionette routes helper, Node telegram random message replier, Slush npm package generator, jQuery pixel perfect.

You can find more details on my GitHub.


Pet Projects